Dear Poomsae & Freestyle Masters, Athletes, and Referees!

lt is our sincere pleasure to invite you to the 3rd International Poomsae Camp 2024 Austria, the first specialized event in Europe bringing together national teams with the best well known Masters, Athletes, and IRs, aiming at contributing to the further development and progress of European Poomsae & Freestyle.

This event is hosted by DOJANG Wien Taekwondo in close cooperation with TSC FIRE - SOFIA and comprises a training camp and elite sports workshops for both, Recognized and Freestyle Poomsae. The Camp is open for all Poomsae & Freestyle Athletes, Coaches, Masters, and Referees.

During our Camp we will also have a Seminar for the New Poomsae Rules and Scoring Guidelines established by World Taekwondo in 2024 for Recognized Poomsae and for Freestyle Poomsae as well. This Seminar is open for all Coaches and Referees!

The main objective of our International Poomsae Camp and the integrated elite workshops is to elevate the Poomsae & Freestyle teams on top at the next World Poomsae Championships and to help athletes score the foremost places of the world ranking list!

We are pleased to also welcome all European National teams to be part of the NEW ERA OF EUROPEAN POOMSAE & FREESTYLE !

For registration please look at the Registration Procedure below!
You may find the official outline as a downloadable PDF below in the 'Attachments' section.


Peter Nestler
WT IR Poomsae
ETU Committee Vice Chair
Head of DOJANG Wien Taekwondo


Hristo Varbanov
WT IR Poomsae & Kyorugi
Head of TSC Fire-Sofia


To successfully register for the 3rd INTERNATIONAL POOMSAE CAMP 2024 Austria please follow these steps: 

To avoid misuse of the registration process each team has to authorize before they take the registration process. You will get the authorization via Martial Events via the Event Page from our Camp.

1. Register via Martial Events for the Camp in general

2. Once you have registered we will get in touch with you by sending an e-mail with some questions.

3. After clarifying your choices for the Camp we will send you another e-mail with a link to a Google form - that will be the final registration for the Camp with all details.

4. After completing the Google form with the registration for you and/or your team (one form per entry) please start the payment process. That will secure your spot at the Camp.

5. Please take into consideration, that there are three different slots for the Registration Process: early (until 30th April) - standard (until 31th May) - late (until 28th June)

In case you have any question please contact us at:

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the 3rd INTERNATIONAL POOMSAE CAMP 2024 Austria from 1st - 4th July in Traiskirchen!

Pièces jointes

Guntramsdorfer Str. 1-3


Date limite d'inscription
25 juin 2024 23:59:00 heure avancée d’Europe centrale
L'inscription est OUVERTE
75 Inscrits (max 100)
Seulement 25 places disponible

Contact de l'organisation

Si vous avez des questions sur International Poomsae Camp 2024 Austria, veuillez contacter l'organisation de l'événement.

DOJANG Wien Taekwondo / TSC Fire Sofia