BECAUSE THE CONTEST IS FULL AND THERE IS A LONG WAITING LIST, WE ASK TO PAY BEFORE WEDNESDAY 28/12/2022. Participants for whom payment has not been made on this day will be replaced by participants from the waiting list.

Different Venue Address

Sporthal Lakerveld
Guldensporenlaan 16 A
3530 Houthalen-Helchteren

Organizers: VZW TKDschool Keumgang & Keumgang Houthalen oost

Pièces jointes

Sporthal Lakerveld
Guldensporenlaan 16 A
Cet événement est terminé

Contact de l'organisation

Si vous avez des questions sur Keumgang Open 2023, veuillez contacter l'organisation de l'événement.

Taekwondo Keumgang
Taekwondo Vlaanderen