Greetings from Austria-Vorarlberg,


The weather is turning warmer in Austria as the summer approaches. In the midst of the pandemic, we hope that all of you are well in health. The current situation is improving, and we definitely can overcome all adversaries.  

In hope of encouraging our Taekwondo family to revive our passion and keep the fire burning, we have decided to organize an online ITMC tournament to reach out to our loyal fans that supported us from the very beginning of the making of ITMC. 

The tournament is open to all Taekwondo advocates, who would like to display their skills and talents in the following disciplines.

1. Classic poomsae: Our good classic forms that teach the fundaments of the powerful TKD techniques. 

2. Family poomsae: This includes the trainers and the athletes. After all, we are a TKD family.

3. Para poomsae: Our hearts beat for all our para-athletes, who have shown us that all things are possible.

4. Freestyle: The adrenaline in FS just keeps everyone seated upright and standing in awe at the amazing choreography and jaw-dropping kicks.

5. Kicking challenges: The new segment: we just love kicking, right?


This would be the first-ever championship that all the athletes could choose their favourite Poomsae.  Take this opportunity and show off your skills and passion.

Yours sincerely,

Organisation Team

Taekwondo Mustang Group

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If you have any questions for International Taekwondo Mustang Championship 3 - Online (2021), please contact the organisation of the event.

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